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About Budget Hosting: The Basic Information

 by The Hosting STOP- Copyright © 2006

Budget hosting plans are a great option to save money!

Most big name hosting providers ( iPower, BlueHost, HostGator and others...) offer some sort of basic plan. These plans offer a great amount of web space and bandwidth for the price.

People with personal sites, blogs, forums, and family web sites would find budget hosting plans to be more than enough storage to hold their entire web site. Storage for quality budget plans should be in the range of 3 to 10 Gigabytes(GB) of space. A good host plan should also provide a minimum 50GB of bandwidth for your site.

Budget hosting is usually in the form of shared hosting, at a cheaper price/month. What this means is that your web site will share space with other domains on a single server (many sites share a single IP address). You still own your private domain name. It's like renting an apartment, you get your own space, but still have individual security walls.

Server security and protection is dependent on the company you choose to host your web site with. Using a larger company can have advantages in this area. The larger companies like; iPowerWeb and 1 & 1 Internet, provide the same security to budget clients as they do for expensive shared web hosting packages.

Since basic budget web hosting plans are offered by large hosting companies, you will have access to the many support features provided to all host clients. These features can include technical e-mail & phone support, interactive forums, frequently asked questions pages and articles for webmasters to utilize as needed.

Worried you may need something additional...After you choose a host plan?
Not to worry! Most budget hosting providers offer upgrade options for web sites. Of course there are charges for them, but you can add them as needed, instead of paying for options before you need them... Saving You Money!!!

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