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About Dedicated Hosting: The Basic Information

 by The Hosting STOP- Copyright © 2006

Deciding if dedicated hosting is what you need...

Has your web site or business out grown the simple shared hosting packages? Well, its time to look into the next level, dedicated hosting companies and their host servers. Dedicated hosting will give you a single private server for more storage, bandwidth, security, and flexibility for your online business needs.

A "private server" is a single Internet server that is not mutually shared with other webmasters. This format is designed for companies that require a large amount of information storage. Webmasters that may need dedicated hosting range from detailed information sites to high-traffic web sites selling products or services. Some business simply want the flexibility's that come along.

Dedicated Host Basics

Two Main Types of Servers
There are two distinct categories of dedicated services offered by most host provider companies. The different types consist of managed and unmanaged servers. Make sure to know which type of dedicated web hosting services you may need.

Managed Dedicated Hosting: Hosting with managed dedicated usually is operated by the host company, and collects data from the site client. When choosing managed hosting, make sure the host fully monitors the servers( 24/7 preferred) and uses quality technicians.

Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting: These plans allow the client to fully operate and maintain the web server. The webmaster can customize the server to operate based on specific business needs. The web host company provides disk space, bandwidth, and security.

Quality Server Security
An important factor when choosing a hosting company is the security of the server storing your data information. Keep these security tips in mind:

Data Storage - Choose a company that stores its own information in company owned data centers. Avoid host providers that use outside storage companies.

FireWall - Any good dedicated host server should have a firewall. This firewall is designed to keep viruses, hackers, and other attackers out of your info.

Monitoring - 24/7 physical monitoring of the sever. When choosing a web hosting service, search for qualified technical support staff to be available on demand.

Benefits of Dedicated Servers

  • Nearly Unlimited Domains & Sub-Domains
  • Increased Transfer/Bandwidth
  • Remote Administrator Access
  • Customization of the Web Server
  • Increased Security & Safety

When choosing hosting for your web business, dedicated hosting plans can be the safest and most efficient option available. The fact that you are not sharing space allows you safer and more secure operations with your online business. Dedicated hosting provides many more customizations and upgrades far above those of shared host plans. These upgrades and benefits allow more detailed operations for you to further develop your web sites for maximum potential.

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