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Choosing the Best Web Hosting Provider

 by The Hosting STOP- Copyright © 2006

Your guide to understanding the basic differences between host options!

There are many options to choose from when deciding on the best web hosting. Understanding the differences in server options will make your job much easier. The two main choices from web host servers are dedicated and shared hosting. You will then have to decide on the features, tools, and services you may want, or require for your web domain. The decisions depend on your web site needs. Find information below to help you make an educated decision on web hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated web host server provides clients with the ability to lease an entire server for their specific web needs. They are ideal for large a database, and high traffic web domains. The entire server is dedicated to a single client. The web host servers provide companies the option to run a high traffic web site without the need of a large workforce. There are two main types of dedicated web hosting. You can choose from managed or unmanaged server packages.

Managed Dedicated Web Hosting provides many skilled individuals to keep up with system maintenance, software setup, security, monitoring, and everything else needed to maintain the web server. A complete tech team is provided.

Unmanaged Dedicated Web Hosting does not include specific people to work the server. Unmanaged provides a secure server, system login, IP address, e-mail accounts, and the basic server information you need to setup the service.

  • Nearly Unlimited Domains & Sub-Domains
  • Increased Transfer/Bandwidth
  • Remote Administrator Access
  • Customization of the Web Server
  • Increased Security & Safety

Shared Hosting

In simple terms, shared web hosting is a single server that is shared among multiple web sites. You get a high powered, professionally managed server at a cheaper costs. Shared hosts are perfect for small scale e-commerce web sites, personal web domains, and other low traffic web sites. Each web domain on the server is assigned a fixed amount of disk storage and bandwidth/transfer.

Budget Hosting

A budget host plan is a type of shared hosting without all the bells and whistles. These packages are designed for the most basic web domains. Budget hosting generally offers less bandwidth, transfer, e-commerce tools, and other features simple web sites may not need. A cost efficient way of getting your site online.


If you require a way to collect payment online, you will need a hosting plan that offers e-commerce software, secure servers, and access to merchant account information and resources. E-commerce services are usually offered by shared, budget, dedicated and most other web hosting providers.

FrontPage Programs

Software provided to help you create a web site without having the experience or extensive knowledge to develop web domains from scratch. This software generally provides a user-friendly system to design web pages from a template. FronPage hosting options are a great way to getting started on the web. These software programs are offered with the purchase of most host packages.

Best Price? You Get What You Pay For!

The old adage of "you get what you pay for" is a good rule to follow. Be careful not to get lured into the extreme low prices. Budget web hosting may be all you require, but make sure the services won't fall short of your needs. There is also the providers with tons of services you may never need. They may be great services, but it you never use them what good are they.

Other Important Factors to Consider:

Choose a User Friendly Control Panel
Webmasters come with many levels of education on web design and operation. Choose a provider that is easiest for your understanding. You will find different forms of web site management and administration tools involved. Most hosts use some sort of Frontpage program or FTP access. Many hosting providers allow you to sample the control panel tools prior to purchase. Look for easy accessibility, domain administration and instant e-mail access and management

Quality Support can be Crucial!
Nothing more annoying than working with a phone system. Choose a hosting company that offers real people to answers questions. It is even better if you can find a support system that offers services 24 hours a day. You may also want to identify any other helpful options like; forums, discussion boards, or frequently asked questions page.



The choice you make will depend squarely on the type of web site you will be operating. Are you running a large database, high traffic web domain? or Are you running a personal web site, small e-commerce business? These decisions will need to be made before making a final choice on your web hosting plan.

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