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Learning about Virtual Private Servers

 by The Hosting STOP- Copyright © 2006

Your guide to understanding what VPS web hosting services are!

What are Virtual Private Servers?

Virtual private servers are commonly referred to as VPs or VDS, Virtual Dedicated Servers. VPs service allows a single server to be sectioned off into multiple server portions, while providing the appearance of being independent of each other. It's like having a server operating inside another server. Each individual section will provide the capabilities of a dedicated server... increased privacy, server security and control. Mainframe computers have been associated with VPs services for years. This technology is not new. It is however a fast growing trend that online companies and individual webmasters are turning towards.

Virtual Web Server Classifications (2 Types):

Software Based Virtual Servers
The virtual sections share the same core and require the resources of the main node. Software based virtualization allows quota incrementing and decrementing using real time, without restarting the node.

- Benefits of Software-Based -

  • A much lower cost than Hardware-based VPS's.
  • Ability to utilize existing user and group assignments and privileges directly.
- Negatives of Software-Based -
  • Cyber attacks and worms are more common with software based server programs.
  • Software based VPN's often become bogged down when there are high volumes of clients.
  • The total number of users supported, is much lower than with hardware based VPS's.

Hardware Based Virtual Servers
The virtual server sections are separated and preset by the provider. Hardware based does not provide the ability to utilize real time quota modification. The virtual machine must be restarted to modify quota.

- Benefits of Hardware-Based -

  • More advanced technology to run enterprise and services provider clients.
  • Custom application-specific integrated circuits or ASICs.
  • Ability to work with high volume client downloads.
- Negatives of Hardware-Based -
  • Higher cost than the Software-based VPs systems.
  • Using VPN's on a network can expose them to unauthorized access.

Why choose a VPs Web Hosting Provider?

Choosing VPs hosting allows clients to work with a dedicated server without paying for an entire dedicated system. Virtual private servers are the middle ground between shared web hosting and dedicated server hosting. A small step forward, without taking the big leap into a complete server.

  • Control: Increased ability to integrate personal programs onto the server. Clients will be able manage their space like a dedicated server. The ability to incorporate an individuals software programs and other applications allows the client to have more flexibility with server function.
  • Security: No longer will you have to share server space with other webmasters. You will also receive privacy with IP/TCP stacks and other functional processes of the virtual private server. Isolation from the outside creates less downtime from outsiders faulty programming or software.
  • Performance: Working with Virtual Private Services increases the ability to receive high volume traffic downloads. The ability to integrate multiple software programs on the server may improve overall efficiency of the data stored. Receive more functionality with detailed server setup ability.

Virtual private servers are superior to all hosting services, with the exception of full dedicated servers. They are perfect for clients that have outgrown shared web hosting services, but are not ready for full blown dedicated servers. Clients will receive many of the same services as dedicated host providers; more control, flexibility, increased security and software integration without paying the high costs of dedicated servers. Private web servers will have their own file system, storage space, bandwidth, CPU and memory space. Clients will get a set of QOS/SLA values that can grow as the clients needs grow. Virtual Private Server technology is among the fastest growing web hosting services available today!

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