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Helping you Understand E-Commerce Hosting

 by The Hosting STOP- Copyright © 2006

E-Commerce: The act of selling products and / or services on the internet!

E-Commerce Hosting
A convienent way of using electronics to push products to customers all over the world without the requirement of owning a physical store. In order to sell products or services over the internet, one must obtain web space online for a storefront and catalog to be viewed by potential customers. This web space is usually obtained in the form of domain web hosting. Many of the web hosting providers on the internet offer ecommerce packages with most hosting plans

E-commerce Packages Should Include the Following
There are many features that can come along with an e-commerce package or plan. Below you will find some of the most important tools and services you will need for successful sales to potential customers all over the web.

  • PayPal Support:
    Easy-to-use, convienent, online payment system. Handles the actuall exchange of funds online. Work directly with the merchant account that has been set-up.
  • Merchant Account Support:
    Provides websites with the ability to accept electronic payments online; credit or debit card processing. This is the process of actually setting up a bank account to work with a PayPal type of system.
  • OS Commerce: (Open Source)
    Provides the ability for people and companies to access the source code on ones website. For retail it provides access to the catalog of products, services, etc, from outside companies.
  • Shopping Cart:
    Software that acts as the online catalog and ordering process. It is the interface between a web site and its deeper infrastructure. This will allow consumers to choose merchandise, review the items they have selected, make needed modifications or additions, and purchase the merchandise.
  • Self-Signed SSL:
    The SSL verifies your identity to an end user, creating a secure connection, while being invisible to anyone that may be monitoring network traffic. It allows for encryption of communication between two hosts.


In Conclusion
If your goal is to sell products or services on the world wide web, you will need some sort of e-commerce set-up. This type of business can be compared to a mail order company. The needs for delivery and custom support are identical. The main difference is the amazing potential to reach more customers using the web. To have this type of business your web site will most likely be required to have ecommerce software, use of secure servers, merchant account set-up and their resources. There are numerous ecommerce web hosting packages that will guide you through the setup process of creating a safe and secure online store.

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