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Pay-Per-Click Marketing Guide

 by The Hosting STOP- Copyright © 2006

Online Marketing: Understanding how pay per click advertising works!

Pay Per Click Basics
Advertising on search engines is often in the form of "Pay-Per-Click " ads. This form of marketing allows clients to choose keywords they would like their site to appear for when performing a search. There is a bidding process to determine the placement of these online ads. You decide the price you are willing to pay each time a visitor clicks on specific advertisements that have been setup. The higher your bid, the higher your advertisements placement position on the search engine.

Keyword Bidding
Almost every major pay-per-click advertiser offers this service using a bidding process. The client first chooses the keyword or combination of keywords that they believe will attract customer traffic to their website. Once the keywords are set in place you will be able to set the cost/click limit that fits your marketing strategy. When potential customers search using keywords you selected, the ads will be placed in the order of highest to lowest bids. The highest bidder will get the top position on the page. Many of the top pay-per-click marketing companies have a step by step process that will guide you through the complete set up of your marketing campaign.

Keyword Selection
One of the most important parts of pay per click advertising is selecting keyword combinations. The goal is to attract "quality traffic". Quality marketing traffic would be any visitor coming to your site, via your marketing campaign, that purchases the service or product offered. It can be assumed that marketers do not want to spend money on keyword traffic that is not producing sales. This is why the keywords you select are extremely important. Here are a few keyword tips to help you build a successful campaign.

  1. Choose keywords that are directly associated or related to your topic. Create a campaign of keyword based advertisements that are targeted towards your specific custumer base
  2. Choose keywords you believe customers will be using in search engines to find your specific product or services. Put yourself in the customers shoes...what would you search?
  3. Create the largest list of keywords and keyword combinations that you can think of. The larger the lists, the greater the potential for increased website traffic... increased sales potential.
  4. Think of keyword combinations that your competitors have yet to come up with. This will allow you to get higher search positions at a cheaper price. Its always nice to lower the cost/conversion.
  5. Look for a pay-per-click company that provides a keyword density tool to show you the type of traffic each keyword or combination is recieving. This tool will help you choose quality keywords.

Managing Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
Maintaining a productive marketing campaign requires close monitoring of the performance activities. The top marketing services provide tracking software to assist in the management of advertisements. Take advantage of these services to create reports that can assist you with marketing decisions. Quality marketing service will have the ability to create detailed reports on keyword ad performance. Payperclick providers should also offer date-specific financial reports covering spending and billing activities.


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