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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools & Tips

 by The Hosting STOP- Copyright © 2006

A guide to free SEO services and tools to help enhance your web site!

To help fine tune your web site and make it more acceptable to major search engines, use these free seo tools to enhance your web domains online presents. Here at TheHostingStop, we have compiled for you, some of the top web site SEO services, tools, and programs available. Improve your web site today!

Keyword Suggestion

These programs are designed to help you determine the amount of traffic that any suggested keyword or phrase recieves. Use these tools to help you decide on the keywords that your site will be targeted to. Suggestion tools are usually available for free. Google Adwords Keyword Tool and DigitalPoint are two great resources for free keyword suggestion tools. Do not overstuff your web site with keywords and phrases. Keywords determine search engine placement of your site. The keywords you choose will help guide your site to the proper market. Choose up to three main keywords, and up to four supporting words.

e.g. Cheap Hosting Providers Online

  • Main keywords = Hosting Providers
  • Supporting keywords = Cheap Online

Link Tracker

Quality links to your site are registered by all major search engines, and can be used as a way of ranking a web site or page. There are tools that will locate all the current sites and web pages that backlink directly to your specific website. Are you curious to find out who is linking to your web site? Webmasters can find a free backlink tracker tool at:

Check Link Popularity

Are you curious to learn the popularity of your specific web page or web site? To find the answer to this question, check out MarketLeap - Popularity Tool. This SEO tool is, by far, one of my favorite website services. They offer link popularity, saturation, and keyword varification tools without spending a dime.

Monitor Search Engine Listings

Avoid having to manually check keyword positioning on google, yahoo, and other major search engines with these simple tools. DigitalPoint offers one of the most popular search engine positioning checkers around. If you simply want to check google listing, check out for more detailed reports.

Search Engine Saturation Check

This is the total number of pages on your site that has been indexed by a given search engine. Saturation check is a way to compare your site to others on the world web. It can provide some indication as to whether your SEO stratagies are working or not. Continuously check, especially after major changes, to see if your web site saturation is climbing or falling. A quality site saturation tool can be found at This seo web tool is provided at no cost to you.

Complete Web Site Diagonstic

Many SEO web sites offer numerous services and tools to check multiple areas of a given web site. You can create detailed reports covering; web site analysis, website optimization, site popularity, keyword analysis, and many more options. Find free site anlayzers at: &

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