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Simple understanding of Search Engines

 by The Hosting STOP- Copyright © 2006

Learn all about search engine services, web spiders, and program types.

Search Engine - A software program that searches the internet to find and index websites / pages. The documented (indexed) <content is then presented based on specific search terms or keywords entered.

Search Engine Robots - The "spiders" or robots travel the internet daily, in search of new or updated web site content. Web sites are monitored regularly, at set intervals throughout the day. The information collected is stored within large data centers. These data centers are either owned by the search engine or leased from an outside company. The storage of website content allows the search engines to, easily and quickly retrieve the desired information requested by the web user. Quality search engines can gather billions of web pages from millions of web sites all over the world!

Major Search Robots (Spiders / Crawlers) - Every search engine online requires some variation of a search robot. They all function in similar ways, but use slighlty different technology to run each program. Most internet users, use the company name as a marker to easily identify the specific search engine.

Top 5 Search Engines w/ Spiders Freshbot, GoogleBot Slurp MSNBot Arachnoidea LyCos_Spider

Search Engine Types - While the above programs provide the best search services on the internet, there are many other quality web spiders available. People can find general search engines and niche specific services all over the net. The number of web search engines online is continuously growing.

  • General Search Engines
    A web search engine that contains general topics and numerous subtopics that cover almost every possible catagory one could think of.
  • Niche Specific
    A search engine designed to collect and display specific web site information based on detailed criteria set by the webmaster or owner.
  • Region Specific
    Search engines that are designed to display web content from a specific area of the world, country, city and so on.

Conclusion - Search engines work to gather and record web site content in order to present that information to you... when you request it. These software programs are relatively the same. They will differ in what kind of web content they display (niche or general), and how they display that material.

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