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Choosing Domain Names: Tips & Advise

 by The Hosting STOP- Copyright © 2006

The basics of domains and how to choose the best one..

A domain name is a combination of two parts. The parts consist of the actual name created, and it's extension. The name can be anything that is not already taken by another webmaster. A name with extension is considered to be the second-level domain (SLD). The SLD is commonly refered to as the readable version of an Internet address. An extension by itself is the top-level domain.

Top Level Domains defined by type:

General Domain Extensions:

  • .com - typically used for commercial purposes
  • .net - often applied to internet service providers
  • .org - common for nonprofit organizations
  • .eu, .us, .ca - Specific country extensions

Eligibility Required Extensions:

  • .edu - must be an accredited educational institution
  • .gov - United States government departments only
  • .mil  - U.S military extension

Second Level Domains defined by content:

Relevance to Site Content

The most important issue to consider when choosing a domain name is it's relevance to the website contents. Having a domain name that matches the website is key to attracting visitors. Domain names provide webmasters their first opportunity to market the web sites. The chosen name is the first thing potential visitors will see. The goal is to get surfers to choose your site among the many options. Create a connection between the name and site content!

Keyword Inclusion

The keywords of any web site are huge factors in determining where the site will be found during engine searches. Search engines will categorize domains based on the cached text of the website. This text contains the keywords of the site. SEO Tip: Incorporate keywords into the domain whenever possible!

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