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Tips for Successful Web site Development

 by The Hosting STOP- Copyright © 2006

A guide to help you design a professional looking website!

Using the world wide web to earn money is a growing trend that is not slowing down anytime soon. You can pay a professional to design your web domain, or create a web site on your own by following the basic tips provided below.

Choose a specific category or niche

The most successful webmasters create sites that surround a specific service, topic, or product type. Your web sites placement on major search engines will depend on the niche that surrounds your web site. A site that is too broad has a more difficult time getting good search engine placements. It is best to choose a field that best suits your experience or knowledge. A successful web site should contain supporting articles, resources and other helpful information on the topic. The webmasters' knowledge on the chosen subject will make writing articles and gathering information much smoother. Promote what you know best!


The keywords of any web site are the main descriptive words the domain is going to be marketed towards. This content of any web domain is the most important aspect to consider when developing a web site. When deciding on keywords for your site, remember to keep the amount at 2-3 main keywords. Many webmaster will then choose 2-3 supporting words to work with.

E.g. Cheap Shared Web Hosting

Main Keywords = Shared Hosting

Supporting Words = Cheap Web

Web domains are partially evaluated based on the density of keywords on any given web page. This density is a comparison of keywords to the other text on the specific page. Check keyword density at:

Size up the competition

Once you have decided on the direction of your web site, you can begin researching the competition. Finding comparable domains that may be your competitors, is a great way to gather design ideas. Search keywords that you will be going to market your web site towards. The three major search engines to find quality competitors are: YAHOO, MSN, and GOOGLE.

Web Site Design

The structure of you web page should be of high importance. A web site should be clean, consistent, and have user friendly navigation. More details below...


  1. Do not overstuff your web pages with ads. This is looked down upon by the major search engines. It will have a negative result on site placement.
  2. Use a format that can be easily navigated by all your potential visitors. The format you choose should flow smoothly throughout the entire site.

Speed Up Load Time:

  1. Avoid using too many graphics, large files, or downloads. These will slow down the time it takes for the web page to load. A slow load time may detour potential visitors from visiting and utilizing your web site.


  1. It is good idea to have consistency among your web pages. A smooth transition among the different pages is the preferred professional choice.
  2. Stay on topic throughout the web site. If you vary too far from the main topic, it will have a negative effect on your search engine placement


  1. Use the same navigation on all the different web pages. This creates a more professional looking web site. More likely to attract new visitors.
  2. Create your site navigation using a template. This will give your domain a consistent image of the site among all the web pages and the index page. Most HTML programs today, offer webmasters the ability to create a template, and use it throughout the web sites design.

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